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5 Ways To Decorate With Plants

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Plants, a simple and affordable addition to any room. From filling an empty void to adding colour to a colourless space, plants can do it all.

Growing up, my mother loved plants and it felt like they were everywhere, on the window seal, in the corridor, at the top go the stairs. At the time I could not stand seeing them, it almost felt like they were her babies. I then grew up to realise that I massively underestimated the full potential of them and felt almost compelled to dedicate my first blog to them.

Below are 5 ways to decorate with plants.

Floor plants (Standing Tall)

Big or small, floor plants can turn an unused space into a focal point in a room or lobby. Quick way of styling an empty space, there are no limits to how tall your plant can be, providing it can stand upright. Also, if you have a coat rack in the corridor, a plant can act as a nice distraction from hanging coats.

Hanging plants (Hanging Around)

Create some drama! Be it with the object the plant is hanging from or the actual plant. A great way to bring in layers onto, what can look like a flat surface. Just mind you don't bump your head!

Fake plants (Fake It To You Make It)

Low maintenance and they never die. Many of us are really bad at keeping plants alive and fake plants are our saving grace! Cost effective and can look really good. The colour ranges are endless and create instant decoration.

Plant images (Picture Perfect)

Cheap, Cheerful, Changeable and slightly Cheating. Just like fake plants, this works well if you want to create a certain feel without having real plants. Another way to create a feature or focal point on a lack lustre wall. Also, the chosen colour of frame, can change the effect the image can give to a room.

Centre pieces (Give Me Something To Look At)

A great table always has something to look at, why not some plants. For a dining table, the simple use of a plant makes the table still look like it’s being used even when its not. Adds colour and is always better to look at than the person opposite you eating their food!

Although plants and I have a love hate relationship, hay fever, constantly dying, no time to maintain them, they are a great additional to a room. I myself several fake plants at home and they are great!

Let us not forget the mental and physical health benefits too. Studies have proven that plants improve concentration and your productivity by up to 15%. They also help reduce stress levels and boost your mood.

So let’s all go out and get some new plants! I have provided links to the last 3 places I bought something plant related from, hopefully you find a great addition to your home.




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