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Where do I start with colour in my room?!

Introducing a new colour into your room can change the entire look. But the question we alway ask ourselves is, where do I start?

I’ve been in this exact position myself when designing my bedroom. Do I just use the colour green because it’s my favourite colour? - That’s exactly what I did, bought a tin of green paint and painted one wall green. Probably the worst decision I made when it came to my bedroom as it looks like a child has smeared green slime all over the wall. The green is nothing like what I thought it would looking and I needed to finish as soon as possible as I was sleeping on the sofa! Ended up painting all the other walls white to take the edge off the green.

Trying to accessories was a nightmare, I’ve resorted to floral bedsheets, cushions and artwork, as that’s all I can really do with the green. Furniture is all white and mirror frames are white too. Stuck a mirror on the green wall too just to make it look less green.

To avoid you having the same issues I did, I thought I’d give some tips on how to play with colour in each room in your home - the right way!

Before I do that, my tip would be to create an inspiration board, or take a look at some of mine. Inspiration should not include furniture but identify what message you want your room to portray or how you want to feel in the room/make others feel.

Kitchen (The Foundation of a Home)

There is not one single colour that cannot work in a kitchen. I’ve seen blue kitchens, green kitchens, yellow kitchens, red kitchens! Absolutely every kind of kitchen. There is something about brown cupboard doors in a kitchen I really dislike - had to get that out.

My favourite colour in the kitchen is grey. I have no idea why but it reminds me of a solid surface (like concrete). I like the idea of the kitchen being a strong room, after all, the kitchen is the heart of the home. As the grey can be a big harsh, soften the blow with white.

When it come to accessorising and styling, there’s something about the way gold looks against grey and white that makes my eyes happy. Have you ever noticed a white quartz work surface with grey and gold detailing … beautiful. Then to top to off with gold taps, light fittings and switches! - It feels like it’s time for a new kitchen.

Living Room (Life Is What We Make It)

Fun fact - my mums favourite colour os red and yes, two walls in her living room are red. She made the same mistake as me! Her living room is a rectangular shape and the light doesn’t reach the back wall, which is red, so makes the room look very dark. Bad idea mum!

In every room, consider light, natural and artificial. Colours do look different under different lights, not only that but you do not want to use a dark colour in corner of the room that does not get much light.

My personal presence for colour use in a living room/reception is to keep the walls neutral and put use colour on items that can be easily removed/replaced. It’s more cost effective in the long run and ideal for someone who gets bored of seeing the same thing often. Make this room a space you’ll enjoy throughout all 4 seasons, even if that means a different colour for each season.

Bathroom (Keep it clean - get it!)

No brainer when it comes to a bathroom. You go in there to clean yourself, why would you want a colour that represents dirt. Having said that, I’m not saying do not use browns or black but think about the placement of those colours, especially the type of brown. Keep them as the accessory, towels, mirror frame, soap holder etc, not the main colour.

Bedroom (Rest Your Mind)

Ironically, after my green nightmare, I listened to a podcast around the psychology of colour and green is supposed to be calming and restful because of its association with nature and energy. That is not how I felt at the time but I must admit, I do sleep very well.

If you’re considering wall colours, I’d stay away from the colour red/use very little in the bedroom. It is very overpowering and omits the wrong energy, such as danger. You want to use colours that represent peace and that relax your mind

  • Lavender - Stress reducing

  • Light blues - Good for reducing your heart rate

  • Yellow - communicates happiness

By no means am I an expert in colour psychology nor have I even studied it, this is simply my thoughts on colour in certain rooms in a house. We all have varying options and I would always advice to read other material and do your own research, find a style you like and identify colours that work well for you, before you start painting and buying.

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